2 Best Travel destinations

At the end of each year, we look to next year through a cultural lens, focusing on the main events and trends around the world: in 2020, for example, the Olympic Games will be held in Japan, and the closest city It is the Irish city that was named European Capital of Culture. But of course, we also paint the opinions of all publishers who travel well for the places they long for, in this case not only for the next 12 months but we are heading into a new decade.


At the foot of Italy’s foot arch, Matera was built on Wade Rock. This strange prehistoric city is miles away from anywhere, and out of time, it was used as a set of movies that needed the real Jerusalem: Ben Hur, the Passion of Christ, for which the remaining crucifixion was performed. on the side of the hill. But Sassi Matera is what people come to see, troglodyte cave houses where, even in the mid-20th century, its poor citizens lived in complete darkness until it was finally abandoned. In 1993, UNESCO declared Matera a World Heritage Site. His fortune slowly changed, and now, as in Santorini, it has become a popular property among travelers eager to stay immersed. Many Sassi’s are rented on Airbnb or converted into galleries, restaurants, charming cave hotels, and luxurious limestone cave shelters, such as Palazzo Gattini, Corte San Pietro, Relais La Casa di Lucio (containing a new royal apartment), and Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita, one of the most romantic fossils in all of Italy. A short distance away, in Bernalda, is the magnificent Francis Ford Coppola Mansion Margarita.


This rock-filled bronze tour of Baja California draws wine lovers and West Coast vacationers for a weekend (just a 90-minute drive from the U.S. border). Now he’s earning the noble bills in the Napa Valley, Mexico, for his architect-designed tasting rooms and sophisticated bottles, many of which are innovative organic, dynamic, and minimally intrusive. Lovers’ landscapes also mature, relying on farm-to-table ingredients and seafood from the nearby Pacific Ocean. One of the region’s most beloved chefs is Javier Placencia, founded in Valley in 2012 when it first became an emerging wine region. Finca Altozano now includes an authentic outdoor barbecue restaurant, an Airstream cake truck, an ice cream parlor, and a pop-up space under a 100-year-old oak. Finca La Divina is close to a beautiful 4 bedroom bed and breakfast. Among other food pioneers, Coraz√≥n de Tierra and Laja, who top the list of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America, Rene Redzepi applauds on the toast of vegetables on the list.

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