Best Hobbies and Interest to put on a Resume

Your resume will definitely contain your education and work experience, but what should you tell the hiring manager about yourself? Depending on the circumstances, including your hobbies and interests in your CV can boost your application, especially if you don’t have much work experience. Yes, it’s true: Showing your passion for travel, blogging, and even playing games on your resume can help you get your dream job. However, in some cases, having a section of interest in your CV can be considered inappropriate, and it can spoil your function possibilities.


Believe it or not, the video game you are playing can be used to illustrate remote problem solving and collaboration capabilities. If you’re applying for a position in the tech industry, citing games as a personal interest can boost your application.


Playing or creating music requires discipline, innovation and dedication. Add music as a hobby to your resume if you want to show your creativity.

Club membership

Membership in the club or association of hiring managers shows that you are an active member of the community who enjoys social contact. Include club membership as your sorority or club in your CV if you are applying for a people-centered position, such as a customer service representative or team leader.


If you are a highly traveled individual, you are likely open-minded, adventurous, and tolerant. Be sure to include travel as a hobby on your resume if you apply for a position that requires international travel, working in multicultural teams, or learning about different cultures.

Blogging / video production

The blog or YouTube channel is a great way to show your creativity, organization, and technical skills. If you’re applying for an advertising or marketing job, link to this relevant hobby on your resume to showcase your personal brand.

Foreign languages

Foreign language skills development conveys perseverance, initiative and, of course, communication skills. Including it in your CV will help you if your role includes international travel, multinational sales or the tourism industry.

Endurance sports

Participating in endurance sports like cycling shows that you are loyal, focused, and able to work alone. Include endurance sports as a hobby on your resume, if you’re applying for a role that requires highly focused tasks such as managing data, writing, or editing roles.

Team Sports

Participation in team sports demonstrates your leadership skills and teamwork abilities. Mention your participation in a team sport if you apply for a people-centered position, such as a marketing manager, team leader or sales assistant.


Interest in art tells the hiring manager that you are creative and have a keen interest in detail. Art is a good interest to include on your resume if your desired role is in a creative or design-focused field such as UX / UI, filmmaking, or artistic organization.

Volunteer Work

Placing volunteerism on your resume is a great way to show your civic commitment, generosity, and time management skills. If you are applying for a position in a non-profit organization or company that values ​​social responsibility, volunteering experience is essential.

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