5 ways to force yourself to exercise

If you need some help in the motivation department, try these five methods to get your blood pumping!
-Set up a reward system for yourself. Treat yourselves with something after every session which can be as small and inexpensive as ice cream or cold water on a hot day. This will make it easier when the next time comes around because you no longer have that nagging feeling of “why bother?” that follows exercise so often. You’re already halfway there by having done this once before and now all you have to do is finish what’s left; it won’t feel nearly as daunting anymore! The same principle applies if–instead of rewarding ourselves with physical things we enjoy–

we set our rewards at other intangible benefits such as going.

1) Make a deal with your family and friends for rewards. For every day that you exercise, they will pay off one of the debts or buy another gift from their wishlist.

2) Find an exercising partner – it is much easier to get started when someone else inspires you along the way! Plus, if things go awry in any given week and you can’t make it out on Sunday mornings at 6 am like usual then no worries because there’s always Friday night spin class after work (and don’t forget about those extra points!).

3) Set up small challenges for yourself throughout each month such as running 10 miles by December 31st or losing 8 pounds before Thanksgiving.

4) Get a fitness tracker and set your goals for it, such as how many minutes you want to be active every day or what number of calories you aim for each day;

5) Create an exercise playlist with songs that make getting up and moving easy by motivating people through their workouts- we recommend “Needed Me” by Rihanna ft Drake if this is music style doesn’t work well for you then check out Justin Timberlake’s new album Man of The Woods which has some really great tracks like “Filthy”.

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