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Would you like to be able to go anywhere with your dog without the fear of being turned away? Do you want a service dog that is obedient and well-behaved in public? If so, then Pets Love’s Service Dog Training is for you! We offer 2 different levels of classes: Basic Obedience Class or Advanced Obedience Class. The difference between these two is explained below.

Basic Obedience Class

Pets Love Center’s premier Dog Training facility. Learn the basics of obedience and behavior modification with our experienced trainers in a fun, interactive setting. Classes are held for small groups of dogs, meaning that each dog will receive personal attention throughout the class to ensure maximum learning potential and comfort level.

If you want to train your dog or improve his behavior with basic obedience commands, then this Basic Obedience Class is for you. You will learn how to properly handle and care for your pup as well as the basics of teaching him to sit, stay, lie down on command. This class is a great place to start if you’re considering getting a new pet! Whether it’s potty training or leash walking etiquette that needs work, there’s no better time than now for our next session. Contact us today at ext 123 and we’ll make sure someone gets back in touch with you ASAP about registering!

Advanced Obedience Class

Our advanced dog obedience class is designed to help you reach your goals and have more fun with your pet. You’ll learn specialized exercises for walking multiple dogs, agility training, and tricks.
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We have a new class coming up for the dog trainers out there. This Advanced Obedience Class will teach you how to train your pup and also help them deal with some of their more difficult behaviors that may be causing problems in their day-to-day lives. Whether you want to learn how to keep your dog from jumping on guests or just need tips on basic obedience training, this course is perfect for any level of the trainer who wants to improve themselves as an expert in pet care. Sign up today!

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