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why are fitness centers failing?

  1. Fitness centers are not providing enough variety in their workout routines
  2. Many fitness center members are inactive, only going to the gym when they feel like it
  3. The cost of a monthly membership is too high for many people
  4. There is some stigma attached to being seen at the gym – people don’t want others to see them working out or struggling with certain exercises
  5. Gyms have an image problem – most people think that gyms are full of meatheads and bodybuilders who spend hours on end lifting weights and doing cardio workouts when really there’s a lot more than just that happening in fitness centers these days
  6. Some people believe that you can get fit by simply watching TV or taking walks outside

reasons why your clients are overworking their bodiesConclusion paragraph: The reality is that we are all busy. We’re juggling work, family, and a myriad of other commitments every single day. But there are ways to make time for fitness in our everyday lives—we just have to be creative about it! In this blog post, we looked at five different strategies you can use to find more time for your workouts no matter how hectic life gets. Hopefully these tips will help give you the inspiration you need to stay active even when things get tough or seem impossible. What do think? Have any of these tips helped inspire you? Let us know on Twitter @


Most people want to get fit but never find enough time.

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A healthy body is a happy one, but who knows what a fitness fanatic’s idea of happiness looks like? These fierce and fit folks are all about checking off their long lists of workouts. Their day starts with an early morning hike in the rainforest followed by sprints on the treadmill to finish up just before lunchtime! They may look tired after these grueling hours-long sessions, but don’t let them fool you: they’ve got more energy than ever for those afternoon bikes rides through Central Park or lifting weights at CrossFit class. Oh yeah, and that night will be spent attending spin classes until midnight when it finally becomes time to sleep (while still dreaming about how great Monday mornings feel).


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