Lose weight while eating more calories?



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You can lose weight by eating more calories.

This is what scientists found when they conducted research on overweight or obese people who were asked to eat 500 additional calories each day for a 12-week period of time and maintain their usual levels of physical activity while keeping track of the total number of kilocalories consumed daily as well as those being expended. They all lost at least some weight during this study, though whether it was because they ate too many extra calories (thus taking in less) or used up fewer through exercise wasn’t clear from the data gathered here; either way, you’re still out there exercising!

Lose weight and eat at the same time?

You can lose weight while eating more calories by turning to a diet that is high in protein, fiber and water. This will help you feel fuller for longer periods of time so it’s easier to stick with your calorie limit!

Imagine this scenario. You are on a cruise ship and you’ve been given an all-you-can-eat

buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food is delicious but also high in calories because it’s mostly fried foods such as doughnuts or french fries with sugary sauces like chocolate syrup to make them taste better!

The next morning after the first meal of your vacation someone hands you those magical glasses that can magically tell how many more pounds will be added if they plan to continue eating what they had yesterday so far…Now there seems to be no choice than trying other ways of losing weight while still enjoying favorite dishes from time to time


To lose weight, you need to either eat less or exercise more. But what if it were possible for your body to burn calories even when eating?

A new study was just released stating that a type of bacteria found in the gut can cause people to only absorb 60% of their daily calorie intake! Now, this may not sound like such great news at first glance but on second thought, those 40 extra unabsorbed calories per day might make all the difference- and without any change in diet or lifestyle!

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