Guide To Visiting The Best Places In France

France is a beautiful country with endless wonders. From the stunning scenery to the famed cuisine, France has something for everyone. But it can be tough deciding where to go and what to do without any guidance. Fortunately for you, I have compiled a list of my favorite places in France that are guaranteed not to disappoint!

1. Paris the most well-known destination in France

The iconic Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Paris. The steel tower stretches more than 1,000 feet into the sky and was designed by famed architect Alexandre Gustave Eiffel for a world’s fair held there in 1889.

The French capital has something to offer everyone from children to adults with attractions such as Disneyland Resort Paris (France), Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe—and this list goes on!

2. Lyon home to gastronomic food and ancient Roman ruins

Lyon, France is a melting pot of the old and new. A hub for gastronomic food, Lyon features culinary delights from all over Europe that will make your mouth water! The historic monuments in the town are just as enticing an attraction to explore with their beautiful architecture dating back thousands of years ago.

Lyon offers some incredible cuisine because it’s home to one of two Michelin-starred restaurants on Earth – Le Cheval Blanc made famous by its signature dish Huitres en coquilles Saint Jacques poivrade sauce grand veneer which consists of eight king scallops served inside shells prepared according to tradition.

3. Marseille is a coastal city with Mediterranean charm

The port has an excellent variety of fish for sale and the old town thrives on tourism, but also remains true to its working waterfront roots where you can actually see fishing boats sailing in from beneath the Pont de Noailles bridge all day long!

Marseille was founded by Greeks who were drawn there because its location made it easy to trade goods like salt which they mined nearby. Today Marseille is still one of France’s most important ports because much commerce moves through this area including imports such as foodstuffs, coal, oil products, etc. You will find that many people living near here work at sea so even if you don’t go out and explore the docks.

4. Aix-en-Provence an idyllic town is known for its art galleries and flower markets

The streets are lined with beautifully designed buildings that house some of the best museums in France.

A terrific place to visit, Aix presents an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to take in all that this charming city has to offer: from fine cuisine served on your doorstep at any number of restaurants or bars; boutiques brimming over with luxury clothing brands like Chanel – perfect for picking up something special during winter shopping sprees; eclectic antique stores offering interesting finds alongside discount clothes shops such as H&M (Home & Monet) where you can find budget fashion bargains!

5. Nice a seaside resort town that is perfect for relaxing on the beach or exploring vineyards on nearby hillsides

One of the best places to go for those looking to enjoy both their time on a beach and exploring vineyards is in Nice, France. With its warm climate all year round that makes it perfect for lounging around or surfing at any time, you can always find something fun here!

One place where everyone knows there’s nothing better than finding natural beauty with plenty of fresh air? That would be Nice, France. Why not take advantage right now while knowing this location has everything from beaches so white they glow to hillsides brimming with vines waiting just like ripe apples? Get out into nature as soon as possible by visiting today–you’ll have endless options when it comes down to choosing your favorite spot whether you want lots of extreme sports.

6. Strasbourg is a historic capital with French cuisine and European flair

Explore the old town where you can visit historical landmarks, drink wine from local vineyards, and enjoy some of France’s best pastries at one of Strasbourg’s many bakeries!

Strasbourg has an interesting history that dates back to when it was founded in 613 AD by Clovis I as he conquered Western Europe during his reign over North-West Francia. With its charming streets lined with cute cafes & patisseries on every corner (just like Paris!), this city will make for your perfect getaway while exploring more about what life used to be like before modern conveniences such as electricity came into our homes or cars could drive themselves – even if.

Conclusion paragraphs

You may have guessed, this post is about the best places to visit in France. From picturesque villages and medieval castles to bustling cities filled with art galleries and world-famous museums, there’s plenty of things for tourists (or locals) to see and enjoy in France. We hope that this guide has helped you decide where your next vacation should be!

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