why social media is not more widely used in the enterprise



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One of the reasons why social media is not more widely used in the enterprise could be because too many workers are afraid that their boss will find out what they’re doing.

Many employees feel as if a company’s IT department has too much control over their computers and therefore do not trust them with things like Facebook or Twitter on work computers.

How can you tell whether or not your social media presence is successful?
You might be surprised by the answer. The top 10 most popular sites among 18-24 year old Americans are: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter; followed closely behind in order of popularity as follows: Pinterest (12%), Tumblr (10%), LinkedIn (7%) Reddit(5%). In conclusion to this article make sure that no matter what site you use it should have a goal for engagement so don't forget about these important statistics when trying to get new followers!


Social media is the forgotten elephant in our enterprise. As professionals who are constantly on their phones and tablets, we can’t afford to miss out on what’s happening online–and yet companies often fail to integrate social into their work culture. Why? Businesses need a unified message from top-to-bottom about their stance with regards to employees’ personal use of social media—whether it be an “all hands” ban or using them as part of the corporate brand strategy via LinkedIn updates for instance!

In a recent study, it was found that most people only use social media for personal or entertainment purposes. Why is this the case? It might be because there are better alternatives like LinkedIn which can help them find jobs and meet their professional needs more efficiently than just relying on Facebook to do all of those things.

Despite the widespread use of social media for business and personal purposes, only a small percentage of businesses are using it to their advantage.

Social media is utilized by many individuals in both professional and personal capacities but when it comes to companies themselves, they have been slow on embracing new technologies like this one. The reason being that these platforms can be challenging because there’s no way (yet) with which corporate teams can coordinate efforts across large numbers of people without big financial expenditures or major restructuring – two things most employers don’t want right now!

The use of social media in the workplace has been steadily increasing over the years. It’s not just for personal communication anymore; instead, it is used as a tool to stay connected with employees and other companies across international borders.

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